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Our Studio is an advanced analogue and digitally orientated facility based in the heart of rural North Yorkshire. Facilities include a separate live room, drum and acoustic booth and an extensive control room with seating to relax in. Accommodation can also be offered with notice.


We are also one of the few Dolby Atmos calibrated studios outside of London and dry hire is available with packages including accommodation .

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."
Live Room

Our 25m2 live room is fully soundproof, acoustically treated with adjustable lighting. It has wifi and ethernet connection.

Control Room

The control room is 20m2 with separate seating area for musicians to sit, compose or just listen

7N0A4686 - 1920x1280.jpg
Drum/Vocal Booth

Our 8m2 drum booth can also be used as a vocal booth

Equipment List

Console and Processing

AMS- Neve Genesys Black 24 Channel Console - Neve AD/DA ,1073 Preamps with VCA comps and 88R EQ's on every channel

Apple iMac 2020 10 core 128gb RAM 5TB storage

Synology 32TB NAS back up.

Antelope Galaxy 32 

3x Apollo UAD-2 Octo Accelerators .

Pro Tools Ultimate

Logic Pro X

Dolby Atmos Production Suite

Ableton 11 Live Suite




Yamaha NS-10

Genelec 8331/7360.   7.2.4 Atmos system

Trinnov ST2 Pro with La Remote room correction

Hearback Octo headphone monitoring system

Auratone Mixcube

Liveroom PA- RCF ART 715-A MkIV PA


Outboard Preamps
Neve 88R LB 500 series x2
Neve 4081x2  (8 Pre's)

API 512v x8

Helios 69 Preamp/EQ x2

Grace Design M201 Mk2 

AEA RPQ2 Ribbon Mic Pre 

Maag Pre


Outboard- Compressors

Shadow Hills Mastering Comp

UTA Unfairchild

API 2500

Teletronix LA-2A

Urei 1176 Rev E x2

Urei 1178

Neve 33609 Stereo Bus Comp

Empirical Labs Distressors with brit mod (Stereo Pair)

Dramastic Audio Obsidian VCA Compressor

API 527 x2 (500 series)

Neve 2260 LB x2 (500 series)

SSl 611DYNE (500 series)

Retro Instruments 500 series Widebody 2 (x2)

Empirical Labs Doc Derr (Compressor/EQ) x2

Outboard- EQ
Thermionic Culture The Swift
Kush Electrified Transient Equaliser
Pultec EQP500X x2

Neve 1073LBEQ x2

API 550b x2


Maag EQ4x2

Outboard FX

Bricasti M7

TC Electronics M3000

AMS 16 RMX 500 series

Audified Synergy R1 Reverb and Saturator

Lexicon PCM91

Yamaha SPX 990 

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Thermionic Culture 'Culture Vulture'

Pedal Pusher

Mutronics Mutator


Masalec MEA-2 EQ

Tube Tech SMC 2BM Compressor

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

SSL Fusion

Outboard Miscellaneous
Drawmer DS201 Noise Gate

Heritage Audio BT 500 bluetooth receiver

Radial Engineering  EXTC x2

Radial Engineering Re-Amp 500 series

Little Labs VOG 500 module.

Roger Mayer 456HD x4

Plug-Ins-over 700 available for mixing and mastering incl-

Universal Audio 100 plus owned (list on request)

Waves 50 plus owned (list on request)

Izotope Ozone 10

Izotope Neutron 3

Izotope RX8 Standard

Soundtoys 5

Spitfire Audio

Celemony Melodyne 5 Studio


PluginAlliance Mix and Master Package

Fabfilter Complete suite


Studio Instruments - Guitars

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

Gibson SG Std.

Bill Nash S Series ‘Blackie’

Fender Mustang

PRS SE Custom

Art &Lutherie Acoustic


Other Guitars available on request (owner’s collection)

Fender Custom Shop 1960 HSS Stratocaster

Gibson Custom ES-335

PRS 513 Rosewood

PRS McCarty

PRS CE24 Dustie Waring

Friedman Telecaster

FenderJapan HH Stratocaster

Fender Tele Deluxe Japan

Puritan Luthier Tele

Gibson Les Paul 2004 Special Edition

Suhr Custom Modern

Fender Ultra P/J Bass

Xotic California 5 string Bass

Martin 00-14

Martin OM Koa (with fishman pick up)

Martin Acoustic BC-16E Bass

Martin 000-12

Martin DX-2E 12-string


Friedman BE-50

Friedman Buxom Betty 50w

Friedman Dirty Shirley 40w

Friedman Runt 20 Head

Soldano SLO-100

Soldano Hot Rod 50w

Mesa Triple Crown 50W 

Mesa Triple Rectifier

Marshall 1959HW Plexi

Marshall Origin 20 Tube

Marshall JCM800 Studio

Marshall JCM2000


EVH 5150 6l6

Tone King Royalist Head

Fender 1973 Twin Reverb Combo

Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 Mk1

Dr Z Maz 38 Reverb

Audio Kitchen The Big Trees

Audio Kitchen The Big Chopper

Laney Nexus Bass Head

Ampeg Portaflex 50  Bass Head


Mesa 4x12

Marshall 2x12 (1936v G12Vintage)

Zille 4x12 (2x V30H 2x Creamback)

Two-Rocks 4x10 Warehouse Speakers

Mesa 1x12

Mesa 1x12 Long

Audio Kitchen 2x12 (1x Celestion Blue 1x Green)

Dr Z Best 2x12 8ohm

Laney 4x10 Bass cab

Mark Bass 2x12 New York 800w


Drum Kits

Ludwig Evolution 20,16,12,10

Ludwig Classic Maple 22,16,14,12,10 (on request)

Tama (Japan) Starclassic Birch 10/12/16/22

Roland TD-27KV Electronic (on request)


Snare Drums (on request)

Ludwig Black Beauty

Ludwig Supraphonic

Ludwig Classic Maple 7ply

Ludwig Evolution

British Drum Company Maple ‘Maverick'

Dialtune Maple 14x6.5


Keyboards and Synths

Kawai Baby Grand (In main house but available for tracking on request)

1975 Yamaha U1 piano

Nord 6D 73

Nord Piano 5 88

Nord Stage 3

Sequential Prophet 5 1983

Roland Jupiter X

Roland Jupiter 6

Moog Sub 37

Waldorf Quantum (on request)

Roland Boutique Tr-08 and Bass Line

Original Roland TR-808

Original Roland TR-707 with 808 mods

Sherman Filter Bank 2

Ableton Push2 Controller

Studiologic 88 GL

M-Audio Code 49 Midi KB


Microphone Locker

Neumann U47 1962

Neumann M49v

Neumann U47 FET

Neumann U67 Reissue

Neumann K184 (stereo pair)

Neumann KMS185

Neumann SM2

AKG 414B ULS (pair)

AKG 414 XLII (stereo pair)


AKG 451 EB

AKG C34 Stereo Tube.

Royer 121


AEA R88 Stereo


Coles 4038 Stereo pair

JZ V67

JosephsonE22s SDC x3

Shure SM7B

Shure MV7 Podcast mic.

SE Electronics X1

Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser 441 x2

Shure SM7 (x7)

Shure SM58s (x3)

Shure SM58

Shure Beta 57A

AKG D40 (x3)


Shure Beta 91A

Sennheiser x3 various dynamics

Audix-set Drum mics



DI- Extensive range of Radial Engineering- Mono/Stereo , Passive/Active ,Re-amp  etc.

Shure FP12 headphone amp

Neve HP Amp

Guitar Pedals- extensive collection from Boss/MXR/Fulltone/Earthquaker Devices/Strymon/JHS-Over 180 available.


Two Notes Torpedo Captor Load boxes x2

Extensive set of mic stands from Latch Lake, Triad Orbit K&M,

Pioneer DDJ-1000

Pioneer PLX-500 turntables

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